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ECO Rider 1000W

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Minicross QMC ECO Rider 36V 1000W - a powerful and compact electric motorcycle designed for a safe and exciting ride. Thanks to it, you can enjoy speed and adrenaline, mastering the terrain and routes. The 36V battery provides long autonomy, and 1000W of power is enough to overcome any obstacles. Order now and immerse yourself in the world of extreme adventures.

Advantages of minicross QMC ECO Rider 36V 1000W:

  • Compact size suitable for the small frame and legs of a teenager aged 7 to 11 years. Lightweight and manoeuvrable, ensuring safe handling.
  • Additional safety features such as limited speed, limited power mode and parental controls. It is also equipped with an emergency braking system and protection against overturning.
  • Optimal power and limited speed to ensure the safety of teenagers. This allows them to master the controls at low speeds and gradually develop skills.
  • It runs on battery, just like the adult models. And it provides a range of up to 30 km on a single charge.
  • It has a bright and attractive appearance to attract attention.

When choosing an electric motorcycle for a child between the ages of 7 and 11, it is important to take into account the age and skills of the child and follow the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions for safe use.

Motor: 1000W 36V brushed motor
Battery: 3x12V 12Ah, lead-acid battery
Tires: 2.50-10
Drive: chain
Max. speed: 25 km/h
Charging time: 6 hours
Front suspension: telescopic fork
Rear suspension: shock absorber
Weight: 36 kg
Front brake: disc brake
Dimensions: 121x72x57 cm
Packaging dimensions: 115x32x57 cm
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