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For active movement on snow - covered, unpaved, marshy or sandy terrain, as well as asphalt, it is recommended to purchase a new quad that will withstand a heavy load. Transport has a lot of power, it can be powered by gasoline and a battery, models for children and adults are presented separately.

ATV is selected depending on the purpose of use and required technical parameters. Quad models differ in characteristics, appearance, size and operating conditions. The following parameters are important when choosing:

  • Power. The ATV is selected depending on the type of terrain on which the movement will be made, the maximum load, as well as the required speed of movement. The more complex the conditions, the more power is needed.
  • Type of wheels. For moving on snow cover, ice, as well as swampy terrain, the ATV model with tracks is suitable. The cost of the quad is higher, but it will pass through any terrain. For sand, rubble, other loose surfaces, an option with enlarged wheels and a special tread is suitable. For the rest of the landscape and the city, standard ATV options are suitable.
  • Load. Children's quad can withstand a maximum load of 60-100 kg. Adult models are designed for up to 150 kg. If there will be a trailer, trunk or snowplow, then choose powerful models with a load of up to 200 kg.
  • Type of engine. It is selected depending on the operating conditions. Battery solutions are more suitable for moving around the city or in the suburbs. For forests, fields and long distances - only gasoline engines.
Online shop QuadroMoto Center offers quads of different types and models. The current availability is presented on our website. If necessary, the specialists of our store will answer all your questions and help you place an order by phone.


Explore Wheels Galore: A New Retail Hub for Quads, Bikes, E-Bikes, Scooters, and More!

Explore Wheels Galore: A New Retail Hub for Quads, Bikes, E-Bikes, Scooters, and More!

May 23, 2023, marked the exciting launch of our retail online store dedicated to all your two-wheeled dreams! Discover an extensive collection of quads, motorcycles, electric bikes, scooters, and more. Find your perfect ride today!


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