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Quad bike

500 Promax 4x4

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Modern, eye-catching quad equipped with full-LED lighting. Linhai 500 ProMax is perfectly prepared to perform any work in the farm, forest or garden. While traveling, in difficult terrain and in everyday use, you will appreciate the efficient and comfortable suspension with independent wheel suspension, reliable engine, electrically switched 2x4 / 4x4 drive with locking differentials and precise steering.


Reliable engine

The modernly designed liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine is economical, but it can overcome many obstacles on its way. The engines power is transferred to the wheels by means of an automatic transmission (CVT) from the Canadian company CVTech with a low, neutral and reverse gear. It also has an especially useful engine braking function - needed on steep slopes.

4x4 drive

Reliable, easily shiftable 4x4 with front differential lock (T3b) ensures traction on all surfaces. At the touch of a button on the steering wheel, the engine power is evenly distributed to all wheels, which significantly increases traction. And when you get to extreme terrain, you can activate the electric front differential lock (T3b). When working hard, climbing and descending the mountain, the Linhai 500 Promax provides enough power to tackle any route with ease.


Differential lock

Easy-to-operate electric locking of the front (T3b) or both differentials (L7e, Euro4) allows you to safely get out of the mud, over rough terrain. Just stop and press the differential lock button on the handlebars.

Maneuverable chassis

The wide chassis and low center of gravity ensure the best driving characteristics and stability even in difficult terrain. Independent suspended wheels and long-travel suspension positively surprise in difficult terrain - even where you were afraid to enter before. The agility of the vehicle is ensured by a small turning radius.


Modern LED lights

Modern Full-LED headlights with aggressive shapes attract attention and emphasize the modern look. The lights are refined in terms of functionality and, above all, ensure safe driving and visibility even after dark.

Multifunctional LCD display

The multifunctional LCD display with backlight is legible and contains information necessary for the driver: digital tachometer and speedometer, number of kilometers traveled, number of engine hours driven, 2x4 or 4x4 drive engaged indicator, coolant temperature indicator, digital fuel level indicator, neutral gear indicator, light indicator long, turn signals, emergency and reverse.


Rich equipment

The Linhai 500 4x4 Promax boasts extensive standard equipment which, in addition to the electrically switched 4x4 drive, includes front and rear racks, front bumper, alloy wheels, 3000lbs electric winch with remote control, tow ball, hand guards, LED daytime running lights , twin projection headlights and LED indicators.

ATV is not intended for driving on public roads, snow and swamps because it does not have sufficient power, and the drive is on the rear axle without a differential mechanism.

Type: four-stroke single-cylinder SOHC
Capacity: 492.8 cm 3
Bore x stroke: Ø87.5x82mm
Ignition: CDI
Torque: 38.8Nm / 5500rpm
Cooling: liquid + electric fan
Drive: 2x4 / 4x4, electrically switchable
Transmission: automatic - CVT variator with reverse gear, L/H/N/R, engine braking
Differential lock: L7e (Euro4)- front and rear electric lock T3b- front electric lock
Front suspension: independent McPherson
Rear suspension: IRS/independent double wishbones
Front shock absorbers: hydraulic with five-stage adjustment
Rear shock absorbers: hydraulic with five-stage adjustment
Front brakes: 2x hydraulic discs
Rear brakes: 1x hydraulic disc (T3b) 2x hydraulic disc (L7e)
Front tires: AT25 x 8 - 12
Rear tires: AT25 x 10 - 12
Total length: 2150mm
Overall width: 1160mm
Overall height: 1270mm
Seat height: 915mm
Clearance: 253mm
Spacing: 1270mm
Dry weight: 371kg
Fuel tank: 12.5 liters
Speedometer / Tachometer: Digital multifunctional display with functions: tachometer, speedometer, maximum engine speed, maximum speed, average speed, 2 trip meters, daily hour meter, total mileage recorder, fuel level indicator, diagnostic trouble code, trip clock.
Indicators: 2WD/4WD/LOCK, neutral, reverse, turn signals, high beam.
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